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Videos with motion graphics

We love challenges, and today we want to share with you one of the last ones we have worked on. The Tractor agency asked us a few months ago for help in audiovisually capturing. 


Nexus Geographics is a pioneer company in geographic information systems both in the private and public spheres. It offers solutions to interpret reality better and create tools that improve decision-making. They create digital and interactive maps to understand the activity of companies and administrations geographically.


The Tractor agency asked us a few months ago for help to capture in an audiovisual way what exactly Nexus does and different success stories of how its clients apply its technology. The challenge was to tell graphically and understandably the complexity and scope of Nexus solutions. The truth is that the Tractor scripts made our work relatively easy.


We thought that the best way to achieve this was to accompany real images and maps with motion graphics to make Nexus’ work more understandable. Through simple moving illustrations integrated with real images, the message to be conveyed is made more understandable and dynamic.

Gif of the process of integrating the animation with the real image


Throughout these months, we have been working on different videos on different success stories in the various sectors in which Nexus operates. Here are two examples: 


This first example explains how Nexus has helped the Barcelona Metropolitan Area create the open digital platform IDE (spatial data infrastructure) that accumulates all the available cartographic information of the metropolitan area, putting it at the service of whoever needs it. In these more than two minutes of video, we have combined images of the city with digital maps, all accompanied by moving effects that give the video a dynamism that helps make it more understandable.

Nexus Geographics – Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)


In this second example, we present the case of Eurofins, a leading company in the performance of diagnostic tests for clinical analysis. Nexus redesigned its OneWay and Routing Reparto platform, applying it to the particular needs of Eurofins, helping it to optimize and digitize its routes between the more than 70 hospitals in which it operates. In this case, the combination of graphic motion helps to complete the message and make it more dynamic and understandable. 

Nexus Geographics – Eurofins cat