Fundació Brafa launches the eighth video of the #noseashooligan campaign by our director Ignasi Guerrero and with the collaboration of his brother, Adrià Guerrero. After several videos focused on the treatment of the tree and the figure of the coach, this time the campaign has focused on the figure of the demanding father who ends up behaving like a hooligan.

We are very happy that the campaign has had an impact on the media, as it is a message that we want to reach all households. We leave here a small sample of some news published around the launch of the video.

Brafa is a sports school located in the Nou Barris district of Barcelona. Its objective is to help families in the education of their children, convinced that sport is a very effective tool for transmitting values such as respect or humility.

More info at www.noseashooligan.com and brafa.org